Castleparts Out Now

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Announcing Castleparts

I've got a new game in the works called Castleparts. It's a Rampart inspired multiplayer game.

I've got a working prototype for the multiplayer, and I'm working on adding gameplay features now.

There will be a public alpha very soon! (May 2016)

Voxelcity updated to 1.0.4

Voxelcity now has full Landscape support, which makes it a lot more fun to play on tablets.

I do have more plans for the game, but I cannot give a concrete release date.

I really want to add disasters to the game, and I have plans for upgrading the camera to make it much smoother. Stay tuned for updates.

Ballyhoop Released in March!

I finally released Ballyhoop Basketball after a few delays, just in time for the end of March.

If you want to try the game right now, please head over to Kongregate where you can play it in a web browser.

Thanks to those who downloaded the game!

Ballyhoop Nearing Release!

After many months of work, my high score arcade basketball game is almost finished! I have been working hard polishing the game as much as possible.

As soon as I am all done, I will be submitting the game to Apple for review.

So look for Ballyhoop some time in the next two weeks! I really think you will like it!

VoxelCity Updated to 1.0.3!

Version 1.0.3 brings new content to the game. I have added 12 all new Scenarios to test your skills. Each one presents a unique and interesting challenge.

Another major feature added in version 1.0.3 is the ability to rotate the map. Look for the Rotate button under the Game menu to try it out.

The next update to the game will also be bringing you new content. Disasters!!

VoxelCity Released!

Pixelpocalypse Games is proud to bring you its first release. Love the SimCity games, but hate their mobile counterparts? Then this game is for you. Strategy meant for mobile with a board game feel.

Check out Trading is Feudal!

Pixelpocalypse Games is working on a new strategy and trading MMO called Trading Is Feudal. Please go check it out and give me feedback! If enough people get interested in the game, it will be released for mobile devices.

Trading Is Feudal